Connect Inboxroad to Mailwizz

In this guide you will learn how to connect Inboxroad to your Ongage account in a few easy steps. Make sure you have your Inboxroad setup document at hand.

Mailwizz is a self-hosted email marketing application. Mailwizz enables you to connect to various third party email providers. You can connect your Mailwizz account to Inboxroad with the following steps.


Step 1: Configuring a bounce server in Mailwizz


In order to create a bounce server, you will need an email sending domain like This should be on the same domain which you have authenticated with Inboxroad.

You can host these mailboxes with any popular provider like Scala/Gsuite etc. Make sure you keep the hostname, login username and password handy which will be required to complete the setup.

Log into the Mailwizz dashboard, on the left-hand side you will see a tab that is called “Servers”. Click on this and you will see an option for “Bounce servers”.



Click on “Create New” on the right-hand panel and enter your details into the required fields.



Step 2: Configuring Inboxroad SMTP delivery server


Using the Administrator dashboard you can now begin to set up a connection with Inboxroad.

From the admin dashboard click on “Delivery servers” under “Servers”.



On next screen click on “Create new server”



And then hit “SMTP”


Step 3: Enter configuration details


On the next screen fill in the details, you have received in your Inboxroad setup document.

Note: The “From email” and “Reply-To email” should be the same domain you have used to authenticate with Inboxroad.
In the “Bounce Server” drop-down you will see the bounce server which we configured in the first step, please select that bounce server.

In the end, assign it to the required customer and click on “Save Changes”



Step 4: Verify connection

Finally, Mailwizz will ask for an email address they can send a verification key to. The email will look something like the below.


Click on the link given here and your new delivery server is active and ready for use.

Congratulations you are now connected to Inboxroad!