The InboxRoad API enables costumers to programmatically access accounting data such as bounces and complaints. With this Frequently Asked Questions page we try guide you through the process of setting this up.


You can find your API token in the documentation provided by your account manager. If you can’t find this information anymore, contact us at contact@inboxroad.com or click here.

We do have some mock-up data available. Here is some preview data for bounces & complaints. With this you can run a test to see if your system can work with the data.

We store the data for 30 days.

You can collect only the new data if you add a ‘?last_id=last uuid’ from the latest record you have collected.
Our response is ordered by newest first, so the latest record known to us is the first result. Use this uuid for your next request.

We update the data on a daily basis.

Yes this is possible. Let your account manager know exactly what the header needs to be. For example: “X_customheader”

If you setup the API you will receive the hard bounces.
Add the following query parameter to also receive the soft and expired bounces:



We do not process the bounces/ complaints. We provide you with this information and you should process this yourself.

We recommend to permanently suppress the complaints.
For the bounces we recommend the following:

h: hard bounce; suppress these permanently
s: soft bounce; you could suppress the soft bounces for a short period
e: expired message; no action required
o: other; no action required

In the API call you receive the bounce feedback. To know what these bounce codes mean, please visit the postmaster page of the domain.

For general information about bounce codes you can check here

The use of the API is free to all InboxRoad customers, regardless of the tier you are in.

Hard-, soft bounces, expired messages and complaints.


With the feedback you receive in the API you can process hard bounces and complaints. This will lead to a healthier email list and to overall better deliverability.

Make sure you use the correct token.

The first bounces and complaints are visible after 24 hours. If you don’t see bounces and complaints yet, it could be that there are none on your campaign. Try sending a test email to a sample hard bounce and check again after 24 hours.

If this doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have separate API calls for bounces and complaints. Please make sure you are using both.

Bounces & complaints have both a different tab with information on our Documentation page.

Sometimes it takes some time before bounces are processed. If it takes a couple of days to process and the same email list is used on a daily base, it is possible that you see the same bounce address multiple times.

It is also possible that people complain on emails from the past. If people complain on emails from the past it could happen that you see the same email address multiple times in the complaint logs.